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Welcome to Green Garden Chicken

Welcome to Green Garden Chicken!  We love everything "Green Living."  Right now we offer a great selection on Complete off grid Solar and Wind power packages to help you reduces your energy consumption.  Being able to supply yourself with all your energy needs is a satisfying goal. You don’t have to get a huge Solar power system or huge commercial Wind turbine to get a decent amount of produced electrical energy.  Smaller Solar or Wind turbines designed for residents are more efficient than ever. Some people have made it and live completely independent of the electrical utility grid and you can too. We also carry large selection of rain barrels, greenhouses, compost bins, and chicken coops as well as a few odds and ends you might run across.  Not only do we provide great products at great prices but we are always adding more stuff and constantly have more things each month to read and join in.

We hope you find everything you need as you search around green garden chicken.  Feel free to email us about anything.  All Questions, comments, funny stories, something you want added to the website or what ever! Just click on the Ask Mrs. Chicken here or use our email from the “contact us” page.

Please contact us right away if you don’t find what you are looking for.  We will personally search and find what you want for you within 24 Hours. We welcome you to be as fully active in our store and feel right at home. Have fun shopping at Green Garden Chicken.

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Green Garden Chicken

  • Deluxe 18" Stainless Steel Outdoor Patio Mini Fire Pit
  • 94.5" x 47.3" Hydroponics Grow Tent w/ Reflective
  • Compost Wizard Jr.
  • 10x20 Outdoor Wedding Party Canopy Tent with 6
  • Terra Cotta 40 Gallon Tuscana Strawberry Pot Rain
  • High Quality 56" x 30" x 78"'
  • 36" Deluxe Soft Sided Folding Pet Playpen Crate -